Staying Safe Using Anabolic Steroids

Table of Contents:

  • How to stay safe using our products.
  • Some things which should be checked (like blood) before beginning a cycle. What should be done and how people can do this (for example, get remote blood tests, or do blood tests by self-administration at home, etc.)
  • What numbers show that health conditions are ok and what numbers should tell that it’s enough and one should stop consuming products.
  • What way is it possible to find out estrogen levels in a body and how exactly to fight it (proper PCT products and what dosages)
  • What skin problems and hair loss tells and how to avoid them.

It is very important to be aware of any underlying medical conditions or illnesses when using anabolic steroids.  Some choose to ignore their medical history and may pay for this later down the road.  Others keep a close eye on how they feel before using steroids and while on a cycle. Healthy individuals who begin using anabolic steroids may not develop any negative side effects and are less likely to deal with problems down the road.  But that doesn’t mean that the possibility does not exist.  On the other hand, those individuals who live a not so healthy lifestyle, are overweight and don’t take care of their bodies, have a greater chance to feel (and see) negative effects down the road.  So, just how does a person stay safe while running a cycle?

People typically undergo a yearly physical which entails blood work in addition to a host of other things while in the doctor’s office.  Anabolic steroids can place added stress on the organs in the body (heart, liver, kidneys, etc.)  We recommend having a medical evaluation before and after the use of anabolics in a cycle. This is something that newbies in the world of steroids should definitely consider.  Those who have been using steroids for years know their bodies inside and out and can tell when something just doesn’t feel right.  But how will an individual that has never used anabolic steroids before know what to expect with regards to the way a body reacts and tolerates a foreign substance?  He/she won’t unless they have an evaluation pre and post cycle.  But, there is no reason to be evaluated by a doctor during a cycle unless the person has a history of medical problems.

Blood and urine tests are commonly done before and after a steroid cycle.  Your doctor will check your testosterone levels, cholesterol and blood pressure level and other things before a cycle.  If you have a good, open relationship with your doctor, telling him or her that you are planning on using steroids is easy to do.  On the other hand, most people don’t talk to their doctor about this subject.  Cardiovascular testing might also be necessary for those who are considered overweight.  Anabolics can do harm to individuals that are not in shape and who try to go “all in” from the start.  Extra weight on the body makes the heart work harder.  Adding gear to the equation might be overdoing it.  It is always better to cycle smarter, not harder. 

There are blood tests that can be ordered online in this new day and age.  The person can order the test kit and take it in the convenience of his/her home.  There are additional steps though such as sending the kit out to a clinic or lab for the results.  If the user does not have a family doctor, walk in clinics will typically do blood and urine tests or recommend somewhere to go for the testing to be administered.  

Knowing what numbers tell a person whether to use steroids or to continue training naturally is not going to be the same for every user.  There are several factors that come into play when talking about what is “normal” or “not normal.”  This can only be determined by the doctor.  But, we can use this as an example:  Someone who is a social drinker or has several alcoholic beverages a week is putting stress on their liver versus the person who is not a drinker.  Oral anabolic steroids are toxic to the liver and over time will add more stress and damage to the liver.  But, when a person drinks and takes steroids they are giving the liver a double load of stress.   These are the types of things that a person should be able to differentiate between.  A healthy man or woman who eats right, exercises on a regular basis and does all of the things in their daily routine that puts them in the “healthy category” is not going to worry as much about the numbers as someone who does the exact opposite.

Estrogen is something that steroid users should be familiar with.  Estrogen does not pertain to just one single hormone.  This is a common misconception.  The truth is that estrogens are a group of related female steroid hormones.  Although it is the primary female hormone, small amounts of estrogen do exist in males and are responsible for the upkeep of a number of health-related functions.  

So, some anabolic steroids can and will aromatize into estrogen.  Estrogenic side effects are of extreme concern to those running steroid cycles.  When estrogen levels rise from high levels of testosterone or other androgens, serious side effects and health problems can develop as a direct result of the level of estrogen in the body.  Estrogen is not the enemy for a bodybuilder or athlete but too much or too little is not a good thing. 

Excessive dosages of TestosteroneDianabol or Equipoise can cause estrogenic side effects such as bloating and gynecomastia (man boobs).  Estrogen also plays a key role in offsetting some of the serious problems with the abuse of steroids.  Bone strength and function, improvements in cholesterol and fertility are just some of the positive aspects of estrogen in the body.  

In order to maintain a healthy body and recover from the use of anabolic steroids in a cycle, it is vital to follow proper Post Cycle Therapy.  PCT is used at the competition of a cycle to recover from the heavy load that is placed on the body from a steroid cycle.  Hormones could crash or drop drastically when a user stacks multiple steroids in one cycle.  That is why PCT should be taken just as serious as the actual steroid cycle a user runs.  The two most common supplements that are taken during PCT are Clomid and Nolvadex.  Some people run both drugs while others prefer one over the other.  Doses are not set in stone and are dependent on the anabolic user.  A typical PCT cycle runs between 3-4 weeks.  

The use of steroids can also have a negative impact on the skin and hair of the user.  Some steroids promote acne and/or oily skin.  Not all users will face this problem.  Acne can develop on the chest, back, shoulders and face.  Products such as Accutane can help alleviate these breakouts.  It is also suggested to use a good facial/body cleansing product that will remove excess oil from the skin that can develop from steroid use.  Many people will not have to deal with thinning hair or hair loss.  Genetics play a key role in this side effect.  Pay attention to your body and decide for yourself when enough is enough.  Staying healthy by proper exercise and diet will only enhance the effects of anabolics and keep you in tip top shape

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